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Welded aluminum boat – Small boat – Fishing Jonboat

Welded aluminum boat factory – The custom-made Metal Dinghy – 100% handmade in France
For more than 20 years, also, La Maltière is a small French craftsmen manufactoring company specialized in Fishing jonboat, small fishing skiff and welded aluminium punt boat. Indeed, It’s a small business. So, We can adapt our metal dinghy according to the customers’ demand.
Each jonboat is entirely manufactured in our workshop in Levaré, Mayenne, FRANCE. Always, The fishing small boat we propose is a flat-bottomed hull. Also, our Welded aluminum fishing skiff are sold in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Cameroon, New Caledonia, Vietnam, Niger, Maroc, Congo, Saint Barth (French West Indies), Spain, Mali, etc …
Forever, they are approved to E.U. standards and can be registered in category D.


Welded Aluminum Boat – Small boat – Fishing boat

Each aluminum punt boat or metal tender dinghy is a flat bottom hull welded in thin thickness to ensure an unequalled lightness.
Length : From 2.70 m to 5.00 m
Weight : From 31 Kg to 85 Kg
Also English measurements on the catalog or inside the website
Fully adaptable boat
Light boat
Stable boat
– Handmade Aluminum flat-bottomed boat
– Built to last
From 1300 euros on … 


Fishing small boat

Flat-bottomed aluminum fishing boat

Aluminum fishing boat

Welded aluminum fishing boat - metal dinghy

100% Handmade – Fishing Boat Manufacturing
tender boats- aluminum dinghy - jonboat

Dinghy -Tender Boat easy to carry- Lightness
work Welded aluminum fishing vessel- small boats with canopy

Welded aluminum small boat fully editable
dinghy boats - Jonboat - aluminum skiff

Unique stability of each small welded aluminum fishing punt boat

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