Tender boat 2700


2 people


1 to 3 cv

Length (ft)








Load (livre)



Tender boat 2700 – Jon boat


Primarily, Tender boat 2700 – Jon boat has established our reputation. This aluminum small boat, in turn, offers lightness, durability, and space-saving design.


In other words, As can be seen, this tiny light boat is equipped with aluminum pulleys and front and rear cleats. All things considered, Certainly, you will love it from the first rowing on.





Fishing jon boats 2700


While La Maltière manufactures an ultra-light tiny boat for various purposes, they exclusively produce the highest quality tiny TENDER boat 2700 – Jon boat with outstanding sailing features.

Another key point, you can utilize these punt boats as dinghies for heavier flat-bottomed boats, both in rivers and at sea. For this reason, this type of skiff is commonly found on barges and yachts as a dinghy.


Similarly, Our fishing small boat 2700 can be used anywhere to go to inaccessible places and most importantly above all its lightness allows any maneuver.


Aluminum skiff boat 2700 – Aluminum punt boat 2700


Certainly, a jon boat, crafted by La Maltière, grants you the freedom to explore the sea. Ultimately, when you anchor, it serves as your gateway to the excitement and adventure that initially drove your decision to invest in our fishing skiffs. For instance, picture yourself participating in watersports, exploring, scuba diving, snorkeling, and, of course, relaxing in the warm sun !


Must be remembered, Here’s a quick secret — the Fishing skiff produced at La Maltière is the most fun small jon boats you’ll ever own. In the same fashion, Most compelling evidence, For the simple reason, all our boats tenders are made of welded aluminum, although this may be true, safe , ultra light and its life span is unlimited in normal use.




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For that reason, we custom build all our dinghies based on the chosen general shape of the aluminum workboat. It should be noted that essentially, all you need to do is ask! Certainly, without a doubt, most changes can be accommodated according to your preferences.

Equally important, here’s a quick secret — all the modifications you see on this site are examples provided by our customers.

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