Frequently asked questions

about our flat bottom fishing boats





Frequently asked questions : About the aluminum used in the manufacture of our aluminum boats :


– Also, No, the thickness of the aluminum sheet has no effect on its quality. The quality is due to the grade of aluminum used.


– Also, No, the thickness of the sheet has no effect on the stability of a boat. Stability is the surface area of a boat on the water. The wider a boat is, the more stable it is.


– Further, La Maltière can weld thin aluminium sheets. Thus, we offer the LIGHTEST WELDED aluminum boats on the market. We started our activity of manufacturing aluminum boats in 2004 with SARL La Maltière which evolved into SAS La Maltière.


Also, From 3 mm thickness, all boiler rooms are able to weld aluminum, which is not the case for thin thickness, our specialty. Indeed, if the aluminum is too thick, the boat becomes heavy and loses the advantage of lightness compared to a boat made of another material like plastic.


By the way, On the contrary, when the aluminum is too thin, welding is not technically possible. Thus, the method used on very thin aluminum sheet is riveting. This has several disadvantages, as the rivets can degrade and even disappear after a few years.


Technical characteristics of our flat-bottomed boats (click here or on the picture below) :






In addition, Frequently asked questions : What is the difference between a flat-bottomed boat and a V-bottom boat ?


So, The flat-bottomed boat has a wide bow and a more tapered stern. Also, The flat-bottomed boat is used for all kinds of activities: transporting passengers, materials, and even for livestock, cruising. In addition, The flat-bottomed boat has a shallow draft.

Also, The V-bottom boat has a sharp V-shaped bow that flares out at the back. The V-bottom boat is more suitable for the sea because it splits the waves better. So, There are different V boats.


As a result, Today, La Maltière only manufactures welded flat-bottomed aluminum boats.





Frequently asked questions : Can you go into the sea with your boat ?



Also, We recommend adding an anode.





Frequently asked questions : Can you get electrocuted with a battery in your boat ?


No. The power is too low.





Frequently asked questions : What is the maintenance of your boats :


Our boats do not require any maintenance.




Frequently asked questions : What is the life span of your boats :


Our boats have an unlimited lifespan as long as they are used “normally”.



Frequently asked questions : What are the regulations for a fishing boat ?


Before launching your boat, there are regulations that you must take into account. Note that they do not apply on private domains governed by particular norms, but only on water bodies managed by VNF (Voies Navigables de France).
All boats navigating on inland waters must be registered if they are more than 5 m long and are powered by an outboard motor of 6 HP or more. If one of these provisions is not met, no registration is required. On the other hand, if the engine’s power is greater than 9 HP, it is imperative that the owner pay a sticker.


In addition to this, there are mandatory safety equipment on a fishing boat such as:


– A life jacket for each passenger
– A fire extinguisher for each thermal engine
– A ring to ensure the towing
– A bailer in case of absence of a bilge pump
– A rope of a length higher than 5 m
– A mooring cleat
– A first aid box
– A contact breaker if the engine has a power superior to 4.5 kW