Fishing Boat 5000g


6-7 p


6-15 cv

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Fishing punt Boat 5000g – Fishing skiff boat 5000g


First and foremost, the Fishing Boat 5000g is distinguished by its width, a characteristic shared by all our models of aluminum tender boats, type G. La Maltiere has produced a 5000 G aluminum jon boat, which, despite its lightness, stands out as the best choice for use in small boats, whether for work or sport fishing.

Notably, the stability of this fishing punt boat, the 5000 G, is undeniably excellent.
While a 6 hp engine is sufficient, it’s worth mentioning that this aluminum dinghy can easily accommodate a 15 hp engine.



Aluminum Fishing skiff  boat – JonBoat 5000G


Here, La Maltière offers a large boat, the 5000g, which is the heaviest. Consequently, the 5000g boat is often used as a work boat or for transporting several passengers. Furthermore, and most importantly, all our models of aluminum skiffs are renowned worldwide. These boats are used in Africa for work on the Niger River, in Cameroon, and elsewhere. Aluminum is impervious to extreme temperatures.


Additionally, the 5000g dinghy is distinguished by its large width and length, providing remarkable stability. As a result, you will all appreciate it, especially given that this Guddle Work Punt also boasts a wonderful aesthetic.


Morever , and most importantly, Our models of the aluminum skiff is a reference in workboats for various uses.


Moreover, and most importantly, our models of the aluminum skiff are considered a reference in workboats for various applications. At first glance, you might observe that this jon boat is lightweight, yet it’s certainly of a substantial size. It can comfortably accommodate seven people and be loaded to a height of 1047.196 pounds with a draft of 10 centimeters.


The Maltière Welded Aluminum Boat – Punt Boat


At La Maltière, we are dedicated to producing a high-quality product. The punt boat 5000g is a reference for fishing parties, especially for predator fishing. The aluminum punt 5000g is also a sought-after choice as a working boat. It can be used for uprooting invasive plants, transporting vegetation, as well as wood or rubble.


A tender jon boat built by La Maltière offers you the freedom to explore the sea. Undoubtedly, you can use all our punt boats for various purposes. For example, you can utilize the 5000g welded aluminum boat for fishing and leisurely outings. Whether you’re a fisherman or sailor, you can also employ the La Maltière welded aluminum boat as a work boat, thanks to its capacity to support 1047.196 pounds with a draft of 10 centimeters, allowing for substantial loading.


Furthermore, it’s important to note that you can use our tender aluminum boat anywhere to access remote locations, taking full advantage of its lightweight design, allowing for effortless maneuvering.


Ultimately, like all Guddle Work Punt boats built by La Maltière, it’s constructed from welded aluminum, ensuring an unlimited lifespan under normal usage conditions.



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