Fishing boat 3000


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3-5 cv

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Small Fishing Boat 3000 – Rowboat

Small Fishing boat 3000Rowboat – Raised flat nose Fishing skiff boat


Firstly, this aluminum fishing boat is designed for multipurpose use and available in various sizes. Secondly, it is the ultimate all-round fishing boat, suitable for different activities.

Additionally, equipped with a 3 to 6 hp engine, this aluminum small punt boat is perfect for those who prefer a bit more power, boasting a reliable 6 hp engine.


Fishing Tender boat 3000 – Aluminum Punt Boat


Furthermore, La Maltière manufactures an ultra-light skiff designed for a variety of uses.

Additionally, they are dedicated to producing only the highest quality small Fishing punt 3000 – ROWBOAT with excellent sailing characteristics.


This jon boat is ideally suited for carp fishing, whether in small ponds or larger bodies of water. Furthermore, its exceptional stability and lightweight construction set the Guddle Work boat apart from other punt boats.


Additionally, the fishing boat crafted by La Maltière provides you with the ultimate oceanic freedom. Once you drop anchor, it becomes your gateway to the excitement and exploration that initially inspired your purchase of our small fishing boat. Furthermore, notably, this tender boat 3000 can navigate even the most inaccessible locations, and its lightness enables effortless maneuvering.


In conclusion, the flat-bottomed fishing boat offered by La Maltière promises the most enjoyable ownership experience you’ll ever have with a jon boat. The key reason being that all our fishing skiffs are meticulously crafted from welded aluminum, ensuring both safety and an unlimited lifespan under normal usage conditions.


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