Fishing Boat 4000g


4-5 p


6 - 9.9 cv

Length (ft)








Load (livre)



Fishing Boat 4000g – Fishing Skiff boat – Raised flat nose small jon boat


The small tender boat, with its unique width, stands out and is unquestionably ideal for fishing. La Maltière has crafted the Fishing Boat 4000g, a fishing skiff that is exceptionally lightweight, spacious, incredibly stable, and cost-effective. This fishing punt is undoubtedly the finest choice available.

Both our aluminum skiffs and aluminum punts are compatible with a 9.9 hp engine, although they seldom require full power utilization.


Fishing Tender boat 4000g – Guddle Work Punt boat


La Maltière manufactures this light weight, good sized Fishing Boat 4000gFishing Skiff boat for a variety of uses.

The 4000g light jon boat is characterized by its large width, which makes it a very stable punt boat. And it has an aesthetic that is appreciated by all.

Our Guddle Work Puntt is stable and light and can easily accommodate 6 people without forgetting that can be loaded up to 837.76 pounds.


This small punt is light in weight but still a good size. This  small skiff  boat can easily accommodate six people.

The fishing vessel is a reference for fishing parties and especially for predatory fishing.

The small dinghy 4000g is also a reference as a working boat. It can be used for the removal of primrose, the transport of grass, but also wood or rubble.


Fishing Skiff 4000g – Fishing Punt


In outre, and most importantly, you can used this jon boat 4000g for various purposes. for the simple reason that the punt boat is a flat-bottomed boat and it can be used for a variety of purposes, from fishing to cruising. The La Maltière  skiff 4000g can also be used as a working jon boat because it can carry 837.76 pounds with a draft of 10 centimeters. Therefore, it is possible to load more.


Moreover , you can all, amateur, fisherman or sailor, use all our fishing punt 4000g everywhere to go to inaccessible places and especially its lightness allows any maneuver.


Here’s a quick secret — the fishing tender boat produced at La Maltière is the most fun jon boat you’ll ever own. For the simple reason, All our aluminium rowboats , fishing punts , fishing skiffs are made of welded aluminum, safe , ultra light and its life span is unlimited in normal use.



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